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Zimu Zhang

Hi! I’m really interested in the Grid 600 keyboard! Unfortunately didn’t manage to join the groupbuy 🙁 Would definintely buy one now if I could.

Just wondering if there will be extras for sale in the future / any other chance to get one – maybe additional rounds?

Would love to know.


1 year ago

    Hi Zimu,

    Oh no, I have been missing your message until now. Sorry about that.
    There will be a few extra in stock in Jan 2019.
    Let me know if you are still interested and I will save you one.


    10 months ago

I would love to purchase one of these. Please contact me. Thanks a lot.

8 months ago

Have any more of those leftovers?

8 months ago

I am interested in purchasing a leftover if any are available

8 months ago

I would also be interested in any if available.

8 months ago
James Le

Hi, would love to make a purchase if you have any leftover. Thanks!

8 months ago

Will there be a second round?

5 months ago

Hi! I have been out of the game for a while and didn’t realize this was a GB that happened. I’m interested in this – is there any news of a second round or extras?

5 months ago
Jimmy Vainionpää

Will there be a new group buy for this? I really want one!

4 months ago
Alex Jrsakul

I would like to order an extra “Flash” LED top module, do you still have them for sale? If so, please contact me for invoice, thank you.

3 months ago
Stephen Wang

Hi I really like this keyboard and just wondering if it is still possible to order one?

2 months ago

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